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May 13, 2024

Earth Observation reimagined: Marble Imaging and Reflex Aerospace partner to deploy Europe's pioneer Earth Observation (EO) satellite network

Winners of the DLR’s ‘Kleinsatelliten Nutzlastwettbewerb’ from left to right: Marble’s Alexander Epp (CMO), Dr. Gopika Suresh (CSO), Robert Hook (CEO), Reflex Aerospace’s Walter Ballheimer (CEO), and Dr. Daniel Kliche, SVP Innovations Center at IABG

  • Marble Imaging to develop the first of up to 200 advanced satellites in partnership with Reflex Aerospace
  • Small satellite platform and launch on a European carrier to be sponsored by the German Space Agency at DLR after Marble Imaging wins the space agency’s Small Satellite Payload Competition (‘Kleinsatelliten-Nutzlastwettbewerb’)
  • Satellite fleet aims to address urgent need for Earth Observation capabilities, strengthening sustainability by supplying real-time insights through very high-resolution (VHR) imagery


Bremen, Berlin, and Munich, Germany – Marble Imaging, with the support of strategic partner Reflex Aerospace, is set to make the first step towards revolutionizing the Earth Observation (EO) industry.

With a planned constellation of up to 200 small satellites, Marble Imaging aims to be the leading European EO company capturing images of the entire planet every day in very-high resolution (VHR). To achieve this goal, they have partnered with Germany-based satellite manufacturer Reflex Aerospace. Reflex Aerospace is one of the few NewSpace companies capable of developing satellite platforms that outperform similar systems in terms of stability and pointing accuracy, enabling very high-resolution satellite imagery.


“Our planet is facing significant challenges due to human activities impacting Earth,” says Robert Hook, CEO of Marble Imaging. “It’s crucial to understand these effects for a sustainable future. To do this, we need a big data approach to monitor these changes and develop solutions. But currently, there’s a gap in providing the necessary very high-resolution images essential for such applications.”


The derived EO data, analytics, and insights will cater to the needs of real-world applications and people. These include government organizations as well as commercial companies involved in, for example, environmental monitoring, implementation of sustainability and climate adaptation policies, ensuring food security, or providing humanitarian aid.


The initial satellite will be built for Marble Imaging by Reflex Aerospace with the funding coming via the German Space Agency at DLR in the form of an award to Marble Imaging who have won the Agency’s small satellite payload competition (‘Kleinsatelliten Nutzlastwettbewerb’). Marble Imaging’s payload will be hosted on the same platform as IABG Innovation Center’s RAISE (Resilient AI in Space and the Edge), an onboard AI computing cluster customized for robust and safe autonomous space applications – another competition winner.


“The ability to apply machine learning methods directly at the sensor and the edge in a robust and safe way is key to handling big data and enabling autonomous functions in the challenging and complex space environment,” says Dr. Daniel Kliche, SVP Innovations Center at IABG.


By developing Europe’s first EO VHR satellite constellation in partnership with Reflex, Marble challenges an overwhelmingly US-dominated market to strengthen European independence in the supply of VHR EO data. Celebrating the news, Walter Ballheimer, CEO of Reflex, explains: “At Reflex, we believe that the future of our planet depends on lightning-fast innovation in space, which is what drew us to Marble Imaging’s mission. Through this partnership, we will deploy emerging technology on tailor-made satellites to develop very high-resolution images that empower informed decision-making, positioning ourselves among the top-tier of EO platform manufacturers.”


Siegfried Monser, Space Coordinator of the State of Bremen, congratulated Marble Imaging, calling it: “A good day for the Space Community in Bremen and many other regions in Germany.”


Dr. Fabian Mehring, State Minister for Digital Affairs, commented: “I congratulate the team at Reflex Aerospace for its impressive success. I am proud that the architects of progress once again come from Bavaria. Our Free State demonstrates itself once again as Europe's high-tech stronghold and ideal home for future technologies, on the fertile grounds on which the global champions of tomorrow can grow.”


Prof. Dr. Rudolf F. Schwarz, CEO of IABG added: “We congratulate Marble Imaging and Reflex on this significant step. We are proud to contribute to the success of the important first mission by providing our expertise and solutions for robust and safe AI.”


To achieve Marble Imaging’s goals, partnering with Reflex Aerospace was a logical step based on their ability to rapidly deliver the required customized high-performance technological solutions. Reflex Aerospace’s dual-use approach harnesses modern manufacturing advancements and streamlined design processes to deliver enhanced reliability, the highest-performing core avionics in class, and accelerated delivery times.


The instruments for the first satellite are currently being co-developed with Marble Imaging’s key partner, the Polish company Scanway, which delivers advanced optical instruments for space applications. Scanway’s tools will be able to provide global data of the Earth’s surface at a targeted resolution of 0.8-meter Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) in the Visual and Near Infrared (NIR) spectrum and will include a panchromatic band. Satellites of the future constellation will be equipped with the same instruments and will also image with Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) bands. The envisioned dual-instrument solution also aims to maximize synergies with the European Copernicus program.


Marble Imaging AG

Marble Imaging, founded in August 2023 in Bremen, the heart of Germany's aerospace industry, aims to disrupt the EO market. With a shared background covering the entire spectrum of Earth Observation from mission design and management, data processing, and extensive EO data usage, the company deeply comprehends the value of global data for real-world applications and the shortcomings in the existing market.


Marble Imaging AG - Press Contact

Alexander Epp


Reflex Aerospace GmbH

Based in Munich and Berlin, Reflex Aerospace enables lightning-fast innovation in space by designing and manufacturing 100 to 500 kg payload-specific, dual-use satellite platforms within 12 months. Reflex is redefining satellite development by blending verticalized in-house design and manufacturing, end-to-end support, secure-by-design modules, hardware-accelerated encryption, and the highest-performing core avionics in its class.

Reflex Aerospace GmbH - Press contact

Lauro Gabriel Hining

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May 6, 2024

Full Speed Ahead: Marble Imaging GmbH Is Now Marble Imaging AG and Welcomes Its First Investors

The growing Marble-Team in April 2024

The Bremen based NewSpace company Marble Imaging has completed its transition to a public limited company (AG) and welcomes its first investors.

  • Marble Imaging AG transition finalized, Supervisory Board appointed

  • Pre-Seed funding round of 650,000 Euros successfully completed

Bremen, Germany – Marble Imaging is advancing rapidly. The company has transitioned from a GmbH to a public limited company (AG) and appointed Dr. Ana Fernandez del Rio, a leading data scientist at Causal Foundry, and Dr. Rüdiger Schönfeld, Director of Earth Observation at OHB, a prominent aerospace and technology company, to its supervisory board. As a distinguished economist who has previously held board positions at various major corporations and numerous supervisory boards, Peter Biewald will serve as the chairman.

Peter Biewald: ”I am really proud to get the opportunity to support this excellent team on its way to the stars. I am confident, together we will become the leading European player in our market.”

Additionally, Marble welcomes its Pre-Seed investors led by Thomas Künzle, who have invested 650,000 Euros in the NewSpace company. The funds are designated for company expansion, the development of data analytic products, and the design of the first satellite prototype in collaboration with the Polish payload manufacturer Scanway.

Thomas Künzle, Partner and CEO of Belesta AG: ”We believe in Marble‘s team and vision and we see passion, determination and knowledge. Good work combined with patience will pay off.“

Marble Imaging has made a significant stride toward its goal of developing the first commercial European small satellite constellation for daily very-high resolution Earth Observation to strengthen Europe's independence in the EO sector. Over the next decade, the company aims to put up to 200 small satellites into space, mapping the planet daily with a very high resolution of 80 centimeter ground sampling distance. Future satellites are set to capture data across eight channels in total, three of those are planned to be in the short-wave infrared range with a resolution higher than 10 meters, aiming for compatibility with Sentinel-2 data from the European Copernicus Mission.

Simultaneously, the company currently offers advanced analytical products derived from already existing satellite data, which it continues to refine and plans to make accessible via a user-friendly web portal which is also in development. These analyses focus on quantifying environmental vulnerability by identifying and monitoring contributing factors in various areas including marine ecosystems, agriculture, infrastructure, land and forests, and coasts, among others.

Fig. 1: Water Quality Analysis by Marble Imaging

”We are proud to have reached this point so quickly and are grateful for the trust placed in us by the German Aerospace Center DLR and ESA, as well as by our investors,” says Robert Hook, CEO of Marble Imaging.

”The integration of Earth Observation data into scalable analytical products is the future”, Dr. Gopika Suresh, Marble’s Chief Strategy Officer adds. ”We have many ideas on how to make complex data understandable and accessible to a wide range of users, and we are working tirelessly to continue advancing in this direction.”

November 23, 2023

Marble Imaging and Scanway Space Partner to Develop Europe’s First Satellite Constellation Providing Very High-Resolution (VHR) Multispectral Earth Data

From left to right: Scanway – Jędrzej Kowalewski (CEO) and Mikołaj Podgórski (COO), Marble Imaging – Dr. Gopika Suresh (CSO), Alexander Epp (CMO) and Robert Hook (CEO)

Bremen, Germany and Wroclaw, Poland – Marble Imaging, a German company that develops Earth Observation (EO) services powered by a constellation of VHR-Satellites, and the Polish NewSpace company Scanway, which delivers advanced optical instruments for space, have announced a strategic partnership today.

The subject of the cooperation will be the joint development of the multispectral payload for a constellation of small satellites for Earth Observation owned by Marble Imaging. The targeted constellation will include up to 200 satellites weighing around 100 kg each, planned to be launched in several stages within the next decade, providing repeated global imaging in the very high-resolution sector.


“Our strategic partnership will strengthen European cooperation in the Earth Observation domain”, says Robert Hook, CEO and Co-Founder of Marble. “We’re looking forward to jointly developing cutting edge optical and multispectral payloads with Scanway for our constellation.”

The cooperation has barely begun and has already resulted in winning the prestigious German “Kleinsatelliten Nutzlastwettbewerb” competition by DLR, which will enable the development and launch of the demonstrator satellite for the future constellation. Winning the award includes free provision of the satellite platform and transport into space. Scanway will be responsible for developing and supplying hardware – that is, Earth Observation telescopes that will work on board the satellites to provide the best quality data. The company's team has more than seven years of experience in the development of optical payloads.

“An exciting task for Scanway in the project will be to deliver a telescope allowing a very high-resolution of less than one meter (targeted 0.7 meter). The company's long-term goal is to create solutions for constellations, which involves scaling up the production process”, says Mikołaj Podgórski, COO and Co-Founder of Scanway. “We are aware of this challenge, that’s why, starting January, we will have laboratory and workshop spaces nearly four times larger than before thanks to Scanway's new headquarters, and in the next few years we will implement further production scaling processes.”

The satellites will provide global data of the Earth’s surface at a targeted resolution of 0.7-meter Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) in the Visual and Near Infrared (NIR) spectrum and will include a panchromatic band. Future satellites will also be able to image with Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) bands. The data and derived analytics will offer valuable insights for a diverse range of clients in the EU and around the world. The cooperation between capable European companies targets to strengthen the Europe based EO industry.

“Developing our own European constellation is a big step towards breaking the dependency on the big non-European players, that are currently dominating the market”, says Alexander Epp, Co-Founder of Marble Imaging and Head of Marketing and Sales. Marble’s role will be to process, analyze and transform the obtained EO data into added value products and services. “Our goal is to create a future where rapid and informed decision-making using up-to-date, uninterrupted, accessible and detailed EO data is seamless”, says Dr. Gopika Suresh, Co-Founder and Marble’s Chief Strategy Officer.

With more than a decade worth of experience in this field, the team behind Marble has aligned themselves with the core themes of sustainability and capacity building and aims to cater their analytics and insights to the needs of real-world applications and people. These include governmental organizations or commercial companies involved in environmental monitoring, implementation of sustainability and climate adaptation regulations, ensuring food security, as well as security, stability, and humanitarian aid purposes.


About Marble Imaging

Marble Imaging GmbH was founded in August 2023 in Bremen, a center of Germany's aerospace innovation. Covering the entire spectrum of Earth Observation from mission design and management to data processing and analytics, Marble strives to set the benchmark for streamlined EO services for commercial and government customers. Marble's founders have more than 10 years of experience in space systems and satellite data processing, and CEO Robert Hook has been responsible for managing major space missions, including the Copernicus CO2M mission.

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About Scanway

Scanway is a high-tech company based in Wrocław, Poland. The team specializes in the field of vision systems and optical systems for different applications in space and on Earth. The company is divided into two fields: Scanway Space (advanced optical instruments for the space industry) and Scanway Industry (vision systems for quality control). The company has more than seven years of experience in the space industry and TRL 9 for its solutions. Scanway offers two types of products: optical telescopes for Earth Observation and camera systems for space applications, and it also conducts R&D activities in the field of optoelectronics. Since 2023, Scanway is a public company with 50+ employees on board.

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