Marble Imaging Earth Observation reimagined

About Us

Founded in August 2023 in the German aerospace hub Bremen, we are ready to show the world the real potential of affordable and accessible EO data.

Co-founder & CSO Dr. Gopika Suresh holding the signed ESA BIC Northern Germany contract

The Marble Imaging team brings together a wealth of expertise from senior leadership positions within prominent European Earth observation initiatives such as Copernicus. Our collective background encompasses the full spectrum of Earth Observation science and data processing. Moreover, we possess a deep understanding of leveraging EO data as ultimate beneficiaries.

Marble Imaging is led by Robert Hook, Dr. Gopika Suresh and Alexander Epp. The growing core team is supported by additional experts and data scientists.

Team Marble

Robert Hook

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, 10+ years space systems experience including 5+ years managing major Earth Observation programs including the Copernicus CO2M mission

Dr. Raul Scarlat

Co-Founder, PhD in Physics from the University of Bremen, 10+ years of expertise in Earth Observation science with a focus on algorithm development and connecting instrument performance engineering and ground processing chains

Stephan Anders

Project Manager, 10+ years experience in leadership and 5+ years experience in aerospace project management including the Copernicus CO2M mission

Dr. Gopika Suresh

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, PhD in Geoscience from University Bremen. 13+ years EO data science and analytics experience (SAR and multispectral) including team lead for EO based solutions in the private EO sector

Jakob Stamm

Satellite Systems Engineer, 5+ years of experience in software development and space engineering, including 2+ years of subsystem engineering for one of Europe’s biggest satellite manufacturers as part of ESA's planetary defence mission HERA

Catalin Patilea

Worked in the Earth Observation field for 10 years, both in academic research and the industry, analyzing data, developing algorithms and building processing chains

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Alexander Epp

Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, 10+ years experience as a journalist at Germanys biggest news magazine including utilization of EO data and data platforms and deep insight in current EO solution providers

Maria Hochleitner

Studied at the LMU in Munich and the Guangzhou Daxue in China, 8+ Years of experience in the EO Industry in Marketing, Sales and Business Development with a focus on VHR data and Platform Services

Olha Ostrovna

Geospatial Product and Business Development Manager experienced in building and delivering innovative geospatial technology solutions, investigating real-world challenges and requirements and connecting them with the EO capabilities