Marble Imaging Earth Observation reimagined

The Technology

Analytic Services

and a Future Constellation

As a big data company Marble Images offers its expertise in analyzing, utilizing and implementing Earth Observation data for a wide range of customers. To maximize the value gained from our business insights, we are developing a high performance constellation of very high resolution satellites with daily global coverage. This shall ensure we have an independent data source to power our services and offer uninterrupted inisghts.

Marble's future satellite constellation builds on proven European concepts taking it to a next level by using groundbreaking new technology that is co-engineered together with our strong European partners.

What we will deliver

The scalable constellation of small satellites aims to capture images with a resolution of 0.8 meter ground sampling distance (GSD) in the Visual (VIS) and Near Infrared (NIR) spectrum. Due to pansharpening the image detail can be further enhanced to 0.5 meter GSD. Additional Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) bands will collect data with targeted 10 meter GSD. In total 8 bands will be captured by our dual-instrument solution. This initial instrument selection provides a size and weight compatible with a small satellite in the 100 kg class.

We will deliver the right data in the right way catered to your needs.