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Near real time imaging to monitor our dynamic

living world

Our living planet is in peril with human activities directly or indirectly affecting all Earth systems. Understanding these impacts is key to a sustainable future and vital to ensure human well-being and economic progress. A wealth of data is needed to understand and monitor major changes to the Earth’s System and to define measures to adapt and create solutions for these changes. The need of the hour is uninterrupted: global multispectral EO data, especially in the VHR image domain (0.5 – 1 meter ground resolution per pixel) which offers great growth potential for a variety of applications and yet has very few providers. Marble Imaging will fill this gap and be Europe’s first commercial satellite constellation providing VHR image data with a daily global coverage.

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Wildfire Mapping and Disaster Response

Rapid disaster management and mapping

Marble Imaging will image in 8 spectral bands and harnesses the power of Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) at 2660 nm and Near Infrared (NIR) at 850 nm. These spectral ranges are exquisitely attuned to mapping wildfires and vegetation changes, allowing for rapid and precise mapping of burned areas. This technology does not just record damage, rapid mapping post natural hazards allows for swift and targeted disaster response and mitigation efforts in line with the Sendai framework for disaster risk reduction and the UN SDGs. As wildfires escalate in both frequency and impact, Marble Imaging stands as an indispensable asset, ensuring proactive disaster mitigation and bolstering our capacity to protect both communities and ecosystems.

Keeping an eye on our most precious resource

Marine and Water Bodies Monitoring

Earth Observation data plays a vital role in monitoring and managing marine and water bodies. EO data allows us to assess water quality, such as evaluating cyanobacteria density through RGB bands. By enhancing spatial resolution, we can achieve more accurate mapping of complex biological processes within water bodies, contributing to better ecosystem understanding and conservation. Additionally, EO data is essential for tracking changes in water levels over time, enabling effective water resource management. The high frequency daily monitoring of our Earth from Marble Imaging will also be vital to map and monitor ships, marine pollution such as oil spills and bilge dumping and coastal hazards like coastal erosion, coastline changes and monitor vulnerable coastlines.

The following images contain modified Copernicus Sentinel-2 data showing the Kakhovka reservoir in Ukraine before and after a major dam collapsed in June 2023

Offering analysis ready data products

Health and vitality of land and forests

Marble Imaging’s spectral bands and very high resolution will aid in improving precision agriculture, monitor changes in vegetation health and vitality and map deforestation and deforestation risk rapidly. In light of the new EUDR on deforestation free commodities, Marble Imaging’s high frequency VHR data will be pivotal in supply chain tracing and in monitoring degradation and setting up early warnings for potential damage events like infestation. Marble imaging spectral bands will also support soil moisture and drought monitoring, vital to agricultural yield and food security. Thus, Marble Imaging data and analytics will support responsible and sustainable practices in the land use and forestry sector with high quality data-driven insights.

The following images contain modified Copernicus Sentinel-2 data showing analysis ready products of farmland

Land cover classification (forest, agriculture, urban), contains modified imagery by Maxar acquired through Copernicus

Higher spatial resolution enables insights on human scales.

Higher repetition rate enables better monitoring.

Infrastructure monitoring

Marble Imaging’s spectral bands, resolution and imaging frequency will transform the way we currently monitor infrastructure, offering incredible benefits across a range of vital tasks. VHR data from Marble Imaging will revolutionize container detection and counting, enhancing logistics and security measures significantly. Change detection becomes effortless with VHR data, enabling us to quickly spot any modifications to structures and surroundings. This real-time insight empowers governments, companies and scientists to make timely decisions and adapt plans as needed. The ability to distinguish between different types of ships in our VHR images not only aids in better maritime management and security, but also helps in rapid disaster damage mapping and monitoring. This capability accelerates response and recovery efforts, minimizing the impact of unforeseen events.

Damage assesment after an explosion in the port of Beirut in August 2020, Satellite Imagery © 2024 Maxar Technologies Provided by European Space Imaging acquired via Copernicus

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Our Mission

Marble Imaging aims to build Europe's first constellation of satellites providing daily monitoring of our planet at very high resolution. Our data and the derived EO based analytics will be vital in supporting rapid decision making.

Our Vision

Marble Imaging plans to strengthen European cooperation in the Earth observation domain

providing VHR image data to European governments and worldwide commercial customers to support in their everyday rapid decision and policy making.

Our Values

At Marble Imaging, we are committed to fostering diversity and inclusion and driving innovation through diverse perspectives. Our unwavering commitment to sustainable economic growth guides ethical practices that benefit both our business and the planet, ensuring a bright future for generations to come.

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