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Marble at ILA 2024
Marble at ILA 2024
Marble was invited to exhibit at the area of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action at Europe’s leading aerospace trade fair. We had pitches, interviews and promising business talks. What a great success!
June 3, 2024: News (click to open, paywall)
June 3, 2024: News (click to open, paywall)
Germany's influential news site Sü writes about Marble's planned constellation and how it will work.
May 15, 2024 – Rotterdam
May 15, 2024 – Rotterdam
A very productive day at Geospatial World Forum, with Marble’s Co-Founder Gopika Suresh representing Marble on many levels. Looking forward to all the promising follow-up meetings!
May 13, 2024 News (click to open)
May 13, 2024 News (click to open)
Marble Imaging and Reflex Aerospace partner to deploy Europe's pioneer Earth Observation (EO) satellite network
May 06, 2024 News (click to open)
May 06, 2024 News (click to open)
Marble Imaging GmbH is now Marble Imaging AG and completes Pre-Seed funding round of 650,000 Euros
November 23, 2023 News (click to open)
November 23, 2023 News (click to open)
Amazing! Marble Imaging won the “Kleinsatelliten Nutzlastwettbewerb” by the German space agency DLR. Together with the Polish NewSpace company Scanway we will develop our first satellite. Read more about it in our news section.
November 15, Space Tech Expo 2023
November 15, Space Tech Expo 2023
We have been pitching Marble’s ideas and talking to the best of the best in Germany’s aerospace hub Bremen. Great times ahead!
October 31, 2023 – Paris
October 31, 2023 – Paris
Marble's Co-Founders Robert and Gopika pitch at the CommEO Awards in Paris. Stay tuned for some exciting news.
Article (click to open)
Article (click to open)
Read about how Gopika found her way from Spock to Earth Observation and about Marble's plan to disrupt the Earth Observation industry (german).

Earth Observation reimagined

But how?

The Mission

Together with our European partners, Marble Imaging aims to build Europe's first constellation of satellites providing daily monitoring of our planet at very high resolution. Our data and the derived EO based analytics will be vital in supporting rapid decision making with regards to food security, green and sustainable energy transitions, climate change, infrastructure and mobility, global security and much more.

The Technology

We employ state of the art technology in space and on ground. Our payload consists of two high performance multispectral instruments operating in the visible, near and short wave infrared domain offering very high resolution data. AI powered data processing algorithms optimized to our data will maximize use cases and business insights for our customers.

The Future

Marble Imaging has already established strong relationships with European partners to co-engineer first prototypes and develop key EO based solutions. We are supported by the European Space Agency's Northern Germany Business Incubator and our network of strategic partners is growing fast. Interested in becoming one of them?

Developing tailored data products

Easily accessible and understandable.

For everybody.

Current Earth Observation data and solutions lack the right data delivered the right way.

We are here to help users seamlessly integrate very high resolution satellite imagery into their operations, tapping into the full power of top-quality information. Along with our direct image collection offered via our own easy to use data portal (in development), we will offer a suite of analysis ready data and products to help you tackle the most pressing societal and economic challenges.

Monitoring urban heat, Infrastructure & deformation, urban green space, city development and planning

Deforestation & forest degradation monitoring, Rapid disaster management, Wildfire, infestation & drought monitoring

Soil moisture mapping, precision agriculture, renewable energy project planning & rare Earth detection

Efficient use of fertilizers and water, crop yield and harvest prediction, crop type detection (This image contains modified Copernicus Sentinel-2 data)

Building our own satellite constellation

Cost effective.

And with European partners.

We are taking a smart approach to handle the complexity of a big constellation of Earth Observation satellites. Marble Imaging aims to be Europe’s first commercial satellite constellation providing VHR image data with a daily global coverage. For this, we collaborate with strong European partners working with state of the art European technologies to develop an end to end system consisting of a space segment, a data processing architecture and a data dissemination and distribution scheme.

The targeted Marble Imaging space segment, consisting of up to 200 satellites, will carry instruments capable of imaging in the visible, near infrared and short wave infrared spectrum. The Marble data processing architecture will provide L2 data and analytics.

Full  Operability

The process of scaling up the constellation is planned to continue until the full group of up to 200 satellites is brought into space delivering global daily coverage in very high resolution.

Constellation powered service

After successfully launching our first prototype, targeted in 2026, we plan to manufacture and launch 19 additional satellites to establish our own end-to-end service via our own data portal and offer increased value added services.

Sounds ambitious? We can do it. Together.

Who's we?

Freshly founded in August 2023 in Bremen, the team behind Marble combines extensive experience in senior leadership roles managing major European Earth Observation programs, including Copernicus, developing solutions in the EO science and data processing domain and utilizing EO data as an end user. The Marble Imaging founding team is supported by additional experts and scientists.

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